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100 Most Impactful and Scalable innovations in Education by HundrED, Finland


100 Most Impactful and Scalable Innovations in Education by HundrED Global Collection, Finland.

STEMi Makers made the shortlist of 173 innovations from about 3480 applicants that were reviewed by academics, educators, innovators, students, and leaders from 113 countries. According to HundrED, STEMi Makers was accorded the following statement for impacting over 12000 children and young people: “If current trends continue, by 2050 some one-third of Africa’s one billion young people will lack basic proficiency in math, reading, and other subjects. This project trains educators to adopt new skills and knowledge that will strengthen competencies, particularly in STEM, digital literacy and future-focused skills, for students to effectively transition from education to employment.”

Reacting to the award, the founder of STEMi Makers of Africa, Amandi Obidike, said she was happy that her organisation was recognised by HundrED. She stated that they are committed to providing people, especially their beneficiaries, with access to resources and skills that make them more employable and ready to meet the current labour demands. Obidike added that they look forward to re-launching their STEMi Integration training for educators and expanding their reach across sub-Saharan Africa by providing adaptable learning resources in classrooms and supporting educators with trans-disciplinary pedagogic approaches for better students learning outcomes. “Our community hopes to exceed expectations in 2023,” she said. “And we also expect that STEM literacy will prepare future citizens to collaborate in interdisciplinary groups to address complex issues through an integrated STEM approach.”

According to HundrED, some of the benefits associated with winning the award are international recognition and the amplification of the awardees’ success stories. This includes the awardees’ innovation being available on their website as part of the 2023 Global Collection and the promotion of the innovations’ accomplishments for one year. The organisation also added that they will be launching a campaign that will feature all the selected innovators from the Global Collection.

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