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Adopt-a-School STEM Program

Adopt A School STEM Program

The Adopt-a-School STEM Program is an outreach that provides an opportunity to interact and practically engage with students from low-income schools in West, Central and East Africa. The Adopt-a-School STEM Program also provide educators with professional development and upskilling  opportunities in science and mathematics while at the same time providing role models for students pursuing careers in STEM. 

We work closely with mentors, volunteers and graduate students to visit a particular educator and his or her class over the course of the year. The mentors, volunteers or graduate students help the students to learn about the scientific method, to develop problems and hypotheses, to design and conduct their experiments, and to analyze their results.

At STEMi Makers of Africa, we intend to grow the program and encourage other groups on campus to adopt schools of their own commitment to bringing STEM education to every student, by creating opportunities for students of all backgrounds to learn about and pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Innovation.

Established professional connections and teacher exchange fellowship for educators and while promoting community benefits of STEM education.

Provided in-person, virtual, or hybrid lessons and activities about careers in Engineering and Technology to junior high schoolers.

Enhanced solid relationships between educators, parents and students that guarantees sustainable learning.

Implemented hands-on lessons and activities on advancing physical computing and supporting STEM literacy skills, like creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, and inquiry.

Provided a framework for companies to best utilize its CSR or Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) resources strategically and where it had the greatest impact for students and communities.
Adopt-a-School STEM Program

Support a Classroom

School administrators spend an average of $1,860 a year purchasing school supplies their students need, and nearly half of educators said their classrooms need technology for this year. With a support of $935, 3 classrooms can receive access to engaging STEM materials without educators lacking resource tools to steer practical learning. The difference made in 3 STEM classrooms will support even more educators and students for years to come.


Setup of Innovation Stations

Through a generous donation, we can equip a school with a makerspace for students interested in future STEM careers, particularly engineering. In this category, the innovation station or makerspace will be equipped with STEM equipment and other technology resources in learning 3D modeling, coding, and robotics. Students’ engagement interest in STEM subjects increased drastically once they received STEM equipment for the modern age.

Mentor Alliance Program

The Mentor Alliance is to reinforce academic support and achievement of participating adolescents (13 -18 years old) in Africa and MENA nations. By providing consistent, high-quality, STEM-focused mentoring experiences for young talents in Africa and MENA nations, volunteer mentors improve academic success indicators, and an overall increase in knowledge of and interest in STEM topics and careers.