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SciComm In Practice Fellowship

The SciComm In Practice Fellowship is a partnership between STEMi Makers of Africa and SuperScientists to provide a dynamic three-month journey for science writers and scientists passionate about transforming science narratives and simplifying Science communications.

Participating fellows will immerse themselves in an enriching environment, working closely with leading members to hone their practical skills and expand their professional networks. This fellowship is an extraordinary chance to engage deeply with the scientific community and enhance one’s communicative impact to the non-scientific community.

The goal of the Fellowship is to amplify Scientists in Africa and help improve communication of their work, research and knowledge to the non-scientific community and the African education system.

Fellowship candidates will understand how to interview authors to capture the significance of their work for non-scientific audiences and translate technical research papers into well-developed and compelling content including press releases, blog articles, social media platforms and podcasts. The Fellow will assist in developing a content calendar that will feature various mediums and cadence of content for the duration of the Fellowship term.

Application & Program Dates

Discover answers to common queries in our FAQs. Click on the accordions below to explore information about the fellowship program. If you still have unanswered questions, register for one of our upcoming info sessions. Join us to ask your questions and receive immediate assistance.

The SciComm in Practice Fellowship is a partnership between STEMi Makers of Africa and SuperScientists to address practical communication challenges in the SciComm public space. Through the fellowship, we hope to empower ten fellows from West Africa to learn practical skills of science communication while creating a piece of science communication as part of the fellowship

We are looking for enthusiastic talents in STEM fields or scientists who are new to scicomm and are interested to hone their skills. You should be willing to amplify meaningful science communications to the public.

To be considered, you must have completed a Bachelor’s degree in any STEM related field within a minimum of 3 years post-study or you must be a Graduate of a Master’s level studies in a STEM field or currently pursuing a PhD in a STEM related field.

Female applicants are strongly encouraged to apply.

To apply for the program, go to the, then click on the menu icon that appears on the top right of the screen, scroll down to the “2024 Cohort’’ section, and then click on the Apply to Join icon and start on the application.

The program will start in August 2024 and run for 3 months. This will consist of a Sci-project, faculty sessions with seasoned professionals and post-fellowship support.

We are committed to supporting 10 fellows per cohort and the fellowship will be virtual. The first cohort begin in August.

We are looking for talents new to the SciComm field.

  • You must have completed a Bachelor’s degree in any STEM related field within a minimum of 3 years of post-study or
  • You must be a Graduate of a Master’s level studies in a STEM field o
  • You are currently pursuing a PhD in a STEM related field.

Fellows will gain insights from experienced science communicators, will be exposed to tips and tricks to make their science communication easier and more effecitive, will be part of a cohort of other young science communicators, will create a piece of science communication and the work that they create as part of the fellowship may end up being published with media partners.

The fellowship consists of a series of biweekly webinars and activities spread across three months that will lead to the creation of a written piece of science communication. We expect the fellowship will take 5-10 hours a week of commitment. Commitment to the fellowship is key, only people who intend to complete the fellowship should apply.

Once we receive your application, we will screen your response for fit and alignment with the fellowship focus areas, before assessing for potential and other criteria. The final stage is an interview process where our team will engage with you and carry out due diligence before a final selection is made.

July 17th 2024. We are keeping applications open for one month from the date of the announcement of the fellowship so you are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

The eligible countries to apply for the SciComm In Practice Fellowship must be from Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Côte D’Ivoire, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Togo

You need to show lasting connections to your home country (in West Africa). The fellowship is virtual and will also require you and the rest of your cohort to commence a Sci-project in your community and networking activities.

Not at all. All we require now is your response to the application.

While a lot of the information you require is available on the program website:, you can also contact us via email: Please also follow us on our social media channel @stemimakersafrica and @superscientists for more information. We will be organizing some additional information sessions both online to provide information, before the closing date.

STEMi Makers of Africa is an international nonprofit organization that fosters inclusion, innovation and empowerment of educators with project-based learning resources so that they can prepare the next generation of Africans to effectively transition from education to employment as self-reliant problem-solvers for Africa’s economy. Through this non-profit, we have worked to refine over 6,500 Educator’s instructional pedagogy where students learned to solve ill-defined problems and made real-world connections to prepare them for STEAM careers. We also helped them set-up 371 STEMi Clubs across 19 countries.

Our sustainability model is driven by funding support from local and international partners and enabled by a strong volunteerism strategy.

SuperScientists, an initiative of the South Africa based non-profit CodeMakers, was created to change the way young people see science, scientists and science champions. Ask learners to name a scientist and most will not have an answer. Those that do, will likely say Einstein, someone born nearly 150 years ago. We want to change that image in their mind to someone who looks like them and someone who is currently pushing the boundaries of knowledge and understanding. Young people live in a world of characters and imagination. Scientists, with amazing technologies at their disposal, have real superpowers. SuperScientists has depicted 60+ living scientists and champions in 9 different countries as superheroes and created media that has reached tens of thousands of young people – trading cards, a museum exhibit, augmented reality posters, a comic, an animated series (in progress) and more.

SuperScientists is an award winning programme (NSTF “Oscars of South African Science” Awardee) and has been funded by the Canadian High Commission, the Sage Foundation, GENUS Palaeosciences, the National Film and Video Foundation, and others.