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Project Kuongoza Mentoring & Bootcamp

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Project Kuongoza bootcamp is for girls in high school (preferably age 12 – 18 years old) is designed to inspire and motivate the leaders of tomorrow by creating a safe and positive environment to mentor and empower girls with the tools and skills they need to be the change they envision.


Weekly activities for adolescent girls are balanced between leadership activities to build confidence and communication skills, engaging them through after-school robotics sessions. Adolescent girls are able to put these skills into practice by working with bootcamp staffers, volunteers and participating in customized activities that connect them to mentors and valuable STEM career paths.

Our Strategies for Increasing Girls’ Participation in STEM

Strategies for Increasing Girls' Participation in STEM

Become a STEM Chapter Leader

Our in-school and out-of-school programs are gaining popularity, and in order for that to continue, we are looking for individuals who would like to support both local and national efforts to foster girls participation. You can either join an existing STEM Chapter or create one in your community. As a continent, we stand to gain a lot by exposing young girls to STEM fields and encouraging them to follow their hearts and minds. This programme introduces authentic hands-on challenges that are relatable and centered around supporting their community.

Strategies for Increasing Girls' Participation in STEM

Participate in Outreach Programmes

We are tackling the critical challenge of inspiring, training, and developing the society’s STEM talent through school- and community-based outreach programmes. We encourage you to get involved with our local communities to understand these concepts and get familiar with the STEM way of learning. You can join a STEM Chapter, work with the team in executing community outreach programs, classroom visits, faculty workshops, and career fairs to help connect STEM industry skills with adolescent girls and community college STEM education.


Mentoring or Internships

We are looking for mentors and organizations that offer summer internships to provide a chance for girls and women to learn more about different possibilities in the STEM fields. We look forward to working with firms who would like for staff to contribute their time and experiences to mentor girls, offer job shadowing programs or career day visits. This allows those interested in a specific field to follow an individual already working in that field for a day or a given amount of time.

Support Learning Opportunities

We recruit communities and student volunteers from tertiary institutions. These communities and support team deliver engaging STEM workshops, STEM clubs and needed resource tools as these adolescent girls ideate solutions. These learning opportunities have further focused on fostering a love for science. We organize science clubs, coding workshops, robotics competitions, and science fairs that actively involve girls. Such activities provide hands-on experience and make learning enjoyable.

Women make up only 34% of the workforce in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). The gender gaps are particularly high in some of the fastest-growing and highest-paid jobs of the future, like computer science and engineering. Let's solve the equation and variables for Girl's success in Engineering & Computing.

  • Raise awareness that girls and women are capable to excel in STEM.
  • Give adolescent girls equitable encouragement and educational opportunities.
  • Promote public awareness to parents about how they can encourage daughters in math and science — supporting learning opportunities and positive messages about their abilities.
  • Teach girls, teachers and parents that math skills are learned and change over time — promoting a growth mindset that empowers girls to embrace challenges.
  • Emphasize strong and visible role models of women and women of color in math and science fields.
  • Increase understanding of STEM as a foundation for all careers.
  • Increase female representation in STEM post-secondary programs and careers
  • Improve creativity and innovation of the field through more diverse, inclusive, and gender-balanced workforce.

We hope to achieve this by:-

  • Engaging adolescent girls in communities by appealing to their interests and strengths, identifying the diversity of careers that are rooted in studying STEM. 
  • Instilling confidence in girls to pursue STEM subjects in high school through girls-only experiential learning.
  • Developing girls’ expectations of themselves as capable learners of STEM. Helping girls create a vision of their future career by forming connections with female professionals working in STEM fields.

We welcome CBOs, NGOs, CSOs, private organizations and governmental institutions who would like to partner with us.

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Our intersectional programmes currently runs in 19 African countries through our Country Curatorship and technical teams in the communities we serve.

We offer STEM Girls afterschool program in various schools and community centers. Our curriculum is scalable with different units and levels of depth so it can be done as a more in-depth exploration of fields in STEM. Each lesson has a STEM pioneer/coordinator/ team as a highlighted role model to tell their stories (origins, overcoming obstacles, and work), hands-on exploration in STEM for the students to try themselves.

We additionally provide training and resource tools to empower various STEM Chapters that will guide the mentoring, STEM projects and STEM activities.