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STEMi Makers of Africa

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Leading the way for growth and innovation in Africa.

STEMi Makers of Africa is an international nonprofit organization that fosters inclusion, innovation and empowerment of societies with technical skills, STEM learning resources to succeed and effectively transition to self-reliance and be problem-solvers for Africa’s economy. We are registered and domiciled in the United States, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya and the United Kingdom.

Our strategy outlines a vision for building a competitive workforce in STEM field and we have made a commitment aligned to these 4 pillars:


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Our Vision

To boost employment, innovation, inclusion and empower a talent base of 2,000,000 young Africans to be competent in emerging technologies, real-world problem-solving skills to excel in the Future of Work and contribute towards the development of our changing workforce by 2030.

Our Core Values


We have a history in STEM promotion across Africa since our inception in 2018, we have kept details of our activities on annual basis, with pictures and videos of programs, events, and activities to show for it.

Performance Report

2021 Social Impact report

Social Impact Report

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Social Impact Report

2023 Social Impact report

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2023 Innovative and Scalable Solution in Edtech

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