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STEMi Makers of Africa to launch the first Pan-African STEM Educator Fellowship.

STEMi Makers of Africa to launch the first Pan-African STEM Educator Fellowship.

[Wednesday, May 29, 2024] Abuja, Nigeria — The Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Innovation Makers of Africa (STEMi Makers of Africa), is launching its inaugural Pan-African STEM educator fellowship in September 2024. This is an impact investment fellowship to upskill 52 educators from 52 African countries in their teaching practices and introduce them to foundational concepts of computer science, evolving nuances of human capital development skills and hands-on STEM applications for their classrooms.

In alignment with its vision, the organization is finding innovative ways to engage and educate the next generation in STEM subjects. Educators – teachers, trainers, and mentors – play a crucial role in this process. They are the ones who can unlock the potential of our talents, providing them with the skills they need to navigate the future, yet, 9 in 11 Educators (nearly 85 percent in Africa) do not have access to practical teaching tools, project-based learning resources, and improved knowledge to learn electronics, instrument science experiments, automation in the 21st-century classrooms.

This inaugural fellowship will bring together 52 educators from 52 African nations to improve teaching competencies, facilitate the development of young African educators in science, technology and engineering education who will introduce innovation and creativity into science and engineering curricula.

Speaking to the Executive Director, Amanda Obidike, she said that this impact project addresses the global under-supply of quality science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) educators by ensuring educators in high schools effectively improve teaching content development that is geared towards (1) students-centered content delivery (2) problem solving and (3) creativity while integrating the multiple disciplines and serve as role models in enhancing students’ interest and competitiveness in STEM education.

Claudette Nkwenti, the Head of partnerships, shared how the inaugural Pan-Africa STEM Educator fellowship will underscore the role of STEM Education in catalyzing transformation within Africa’s education ecosystem. Educators will further be provided support to develop their own integrated STEM, problem-based learning unit aligned with their state/local standards and grounded in their school/ local challenge.

About the STEMi Makers of Africa

STEMi Makers of Africa is an international nonprofit organization that fosters inclusion, innovation and empower educators with Science and Technology project-based learning resources to prepare the next generation of Africans to effectively transition from education to employment, be self-reliant and problem-solvers for Africa’s economy.

Through this non-profit, we have been awarded multiple investment fund on Upskilling of Educators by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA), International Telecommunication Union, Microsoft, Google to refine over 6,500 Educator’s instructional pedagogy where students grew to solve ill-defined problems, make real-world connections while deepening content knowledge and preparing them for STEM careers while setting-up 371 STEMi Clubs across 19 countries.

For more information about the Pan-African STEMi Educator fellowship, contact

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